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About Designova

Our Studio and stats


The Studio

Designova is an award winning web design & development studio founded in 2012

Our professional services are offered to international clients across Europe, U.S.

The Services

We offer professional website designing, web development, creative portfolio development, interactive UI development as well as web templates & WordPress theme production.

Our primary focus is on creating premium quality web templates and WordPress themes targeting global marketplaces including Themeforest. We also undertake high prospective web projects under sub-contract / NDA from reputed web design agencies located at Europe and U.S.


Awards & Recognition

Winner of AWWWARDS - 'Honorable Mention 2014' for our new official website
Winner of AWWWARDS - 'Honorable Mention 2014' for our premium template 'REFLEX'
Winner of AWWWARDS - 'Honorable Mention 2013' for our premium template 'NEXT'

Our designs are featured in world's top web design galleries such as CSS Mania and OnePageLove, OPM as well as various design blogs.


Press, Web & Media

Designova was elected as one of the top 10 WordPress theme development companies in the world by various magazines including designmag, inspirationhut, design3edge, webresourcesdepot, designyourway and more. We are featured by top design blogs including AWWWARDS, CSS Mania and OnePageLove, OPM as well as various design blogs.


Reputation & Stats

We produce themes for Themeforest.net (owned by Envato, Australia)- world's number one marketplace for web templates & WordPress themes and we have 20,000+ happy users so far.


Associates & Partners

Unbranded Agency - the web development studio is our subsidiary business. TommusRhodus, ShineTheme and Metro-Themes are our trusted collaborators and Elite Authors on Themeforest.

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