2014 Awwwards

Thousands of websites are powered by our themes, Hundreds of Portfolios Served by our templates, With AWWWARD Winning Premium Designs & code, We are creating a better experience on web, We are Designova - the web design studio


50,000+ Clients Worldwide

We are proud to have 20,000+ clients across the globe. Thousands of websites are powered by our themes, most of them are creative portfolios & agency websites.


High Quality Designs

We produce award winning designs for modern websites. Our designs are simple, minimal and creative in all aspects. You can find level of details in each and every pixel we create.


Professional Coding

We excel on development whether it is front-end coding or WordPress integration. We use most modern technologies, frameworks and coding paradigms to empower our themes.

Iconic Designs

Explore our evershine releases


Why Choose Us

What makes us stand out from crowd


Beautiful & Enjoyable Designs

We define the trends. Enough Said!

Our themes represent your content and images in a minimal but most beautiful way. If you have a well designed website, your users are really going to visit it more often and they will love exploring it again and again. Seriously, our designs can easily attract a lot of visitors and they will find your website as more enjoyable and professional.


Perfect Layout & Efficient Coding

We produce top class code

When it comes to technical things, web development and source coding is all about perfection. A website with rock solid layout and highly efficient coding can bring best performance when it is visited from various devices and browsers. Our themes can ensure it perfectly, every pixels are hand-coded and tested.


Dedicated Support & Updates

Team of experts to assist you

We are having in-house support team, a combination of our support representatives and core developers. We provide hands-on support for all of our products with expert skills on web technologies aand design process. We offer free support on all of our products and our support system is dedicated to verified theme buyers.


Ensured Trust & Solid Reputation

We are Envato Elite Author

We are currently producing our themes for world's best online marketplace - Themeforest where our reputation is already proven with 'Elite Author' status. We are having more than 10,000+ sales within 2 years and we are having solid track record on theme production business, your trust will not be spoiled.

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